A cheap(ish) way to flight in ANA’s new first and business Class

Late last year, ANA unveiled new first and business class suites on reconfigured 777 aircraft. TL;DR – they look awesome.

I’ve flown ANA’s old first class suites on the 777 and A380, and to be honest I don’t think there’s a huge improvement here as the old first class suites were excellent. But ANA’s new business class suites, dubbed “The Room”, are a huge improvement over older variations.

ANA currently flies its new 777s from Tokyo to FRA, LHR, and JFK. The challenge with booking these flights is that they’re either expensive, or subject to limited award availability.

Here’s a creative way to experience ANA’s new suites that will save you a couple grand…and take you halfway around the world in the process. Book a roundtrip flight from Oslo (OSL) to Sydney (SYD).

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 1.15.26 PM

In first class, this trip will cost you $5,343 roundtrip, and you’ll spend nearly a full 24 hour day in the new suites between FRA and HND. You fly from OSL to FRA in Lufthansa’s quasi A320 business class, and from HND to SYD in ANA’s above average 787 business class. This isn’t a bad deal, considering any one of ANA’s new first class routes will cost you $10k or more roundtrip.

You can also book this same route in business for $2,679. Again, not a bad deal if you really want to try out The Room; you’ll pay over $5k to book any of ANA’s new business class routes.

Again, this routing isn’t for everyone. You’ll have to position to OSL, and you won’t have any time to experience Tokyo. You can check out ANA’s new 777 below: