British Airways first class from Europe to the US for under $3k

Let’s get this out of the way: British Airways’ first class experience isn’t spectacular. Their first class cabin is dense, seats are small, their IFE system is dated, and they lack over-the-top extras like Lufthansa or Swiss’ black car service or an onboard shower (which, post-COVID, may never come back). But they do offer solid service, the large Concorde Room at LHR, good food and requisite bottles of $100 champagne.

BA also has the fourth-largest fleet of A380s, making these flights a must for any A380 lifer.

Starting in December, you can book a flight from Europe to SFO – giving you one of the longer A380 flights BA has to offer – for under $3k. To get this deal, you’ll have to first reposition to MAD – not tough in Europe. You’ll fly in business from MAD to LHR, then in first from LHR to SFO. A380, 777 and 747 flights are available.

An added benefit is the LHR to SFO leg is an A class ticket, so you can earn 450% total miles on Alaska Airlines (about 50k), and 250% EQMs (about 27k).

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