Etihad will resume A380 flights on July 24th

We’re cautiously optimistic about this news. Earlier this month, Etihad removed all A380s from its schedule through 2020, and also pulled its first class inventory. I experienced this firsthand – I was booked in F on EY’s A380 from JFK to AUH in July, only to be moved to business class on a 787 on the same route.

But it now appears that Etihad is adding some A380 flights back on its schedule. Starting from July 24, 2020, EY454 from AUH to SYD is slated to be served by an A380. I was skeptical when I saw this at first, but you can actually go to Etihad’s site and book this flight. A screenshot of seat selection, clearly showing the unique layout of Etihad’s A380, is below.

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 4.45.22 PM

Etihad is still blocking inventory for The Residence on the A380. I think this is because the airline wants to give itself the option to swap out the A380 for one if its other three cabin aircraft, the 777-300ER or 787-9.

Still, this is good news for A380 lovers. It did appear that the future for Etihad’s A380 was not bright…and to be honest it still isn’t. But it does appear that EY’s A380 will take to the skies once again.

Update: It now appears that Ethiad has pulled the A380 on this route until August 1st, 2020.