Fly roundtrip first class from DXB to LAX on Emirates A380 for $5k…with one catch

A first class seat on Emirates from DXB to LAX will cost you $12k roundtrip, or 300k Alaska Airlines miles. But here’s a way to take the same trip for $5k…as long as you’re able to reposition to Indonesia first.

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 1.50.21 PM

A roundtrip, first class ticket from CGK to DXB to LAX is a cool $5,337, with availability from August to the foreseeable future. One downside of this routing is that you’ll take the CGK to DXB leg in Emirates’ less-than-spectacular business class on the 777.

If you’re willing to spend $1k more, you can switch this itinerary to KUL to DXB to LAX roundtrip. This will cost you $6,303, but you’ll spend two full days in Emirates’ first class roundtrip – although only the DXB to LAX leg will be on the A380.

Crazy routing, yes. Also be aware that Emirates’ is no longer operating its shower or front/rear bars on the A380. And…COVID makes traveling to Asia difficult right now.

The good news? The maximum stay requirements are generous, so you can take the CGK/KUL to LAX leg this year, and take the return leg next year. The benefit of this approach is you can structure two, round the world itineraries throughout the year.