Korean Air’s A380s takes to the skies on September 1st

Korean Air’s A380s have been grounded since March 2020. But according to the airline’s flight schedules, we will be seeing their A380s take flight soon. On September 1st, 2020, Korean Air will operate four A380 routes:

  • 2x daily ICN to JFK
  • 2x daily ICN to LAX

Of course, Korean Air could always switch out aircraft. The airline currently is flying 777s on those routes. There also doesn’t seem to be enough demand to justify flying an A380 across the Pacific. For example, the seat maps for KE 17 from ICN to LAX on September 1 shows:

  • 0 passengers in first
  • 5 passengers in business
  • 9 passengers in economy

The same flight on the next day shows just 2 passengers.

Korean Air’s schedule also shows that an A380 will be used on the ICN to CDG route starting on September 1st, 2020. However, first class is not bookable for this flight, which suggests that the A380 may be swapped for a two-class A330 or 787.