This China Southern A380 is absolutely packed

Every airline around the globe has grounded its fleet of A380s…except one: China Southern. And despite the COVID pandemic, the airline has been operating several A380 routes that are insanely full.

Earlier this week we wrote about China Southern’s flight from Vancouver to Guangzhou that’s booked for two months. Now we invite you to check out the seat map of CZ326 which is scheduled to depart from Sydney for Guangzhou on July 12th.

All but six seats on the entire aircraft are filled – and those six empty seats were blocked. Amazing! If you’re hoping to fly this route you’re in for a wait. The next available flight is on October 4, 2020, and an economy ticket will cost you $3,500.

It’s not actually that surprising to see such a full flight between Australia and China. Australia has a fairly large Chinese population; in 2016 nearly 6% of the Australian population identified themselves as having Chinese ancestry. China Southern’s flight is also the fastest way to travel between the two countries. Although you can fly this route with other airlines, you’d be looking at at least one, if not several connections.