Air France A380 arrives at Malta International Airport for painting, retirement

On May 20, 2020, Air France announced that it would retire its entire fleet of nine A380s, which includes five aircraft that are owned or on a finance lease, and four on an operating lease. Since then we haven’t seen much activity with Air Frances’ fleet, aside from a few maintenance flights and repositioning of aircraft for storage.

But it looks like one of Air France’s A380s is getting closer to retirement. Air France A380 with registration number F-HPJD made the trip from Paris to Malta International Airport on July 12th. Malta International Airport houses aircraft painting facilities that were used by Air France when it retired its first A380. Hi Fly also repainted its lone A380, which was retired from Singapore Airlines’ fleet, at Malta.

Don’t expect anything fancy with the new paint job on F-HPJD. The aircraft will likely emerge with an all-white livery before it is returned to its owner.