Half of Qantas’ A380 fleet is in the California desert for storage

Over the past week, six Qantas A380s have landed at the Southern California Logistics Airport, a facility located in Victorville, California, just about 90 miles northeast of Los Angeles. The airport is a well-known parking lot for planes. Low humidity, high temperatures, and only 12 rainy days out of the year make this an ideal location for airplane storage.

Victorville is also where some aircraft come to die. The facility has a large aircraft boneyard, and Victorville has become the final resting place for a host of 747s and DC-10s, including the last United 747 to take to the skies.

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Qantas’ CEO announced plans to ground its A380s until at least 2023, but it’s unclear how many Qantas A380s will return to service at that time. Either way, the long trip that these aircraft made from Australia to California suggests that they will not be going anywhere soon.