Here are the routes where you can fly Emirates’ new 777 first class

Emirates new 777 first class suites are one of the most impressive products available today. The size of the suite rivals products from Singapore Airlines and Etihad, and the opulence of Emirates’ new suites is unmatched.

Unfortunately, not all Emirates aircraft have the company’s new first suites. Emirates’ newest 777-300ERs are the only aircraft so far with the new first suites, although we will expect to see more as Emirates receives more 777 deliveries.

So, where can you fly Emirates new 777 today? COVID has forced Emirates to change its routes, so we do see a couple new routes for the 777-300ER.

  • Dubai to Singapore – 7:11 flight
  • Dubai to New York – 13:16 flight
  • Dubai to Dublin
  • Dubai to Frankfurt – 6:17 flight
  • Dubai to Brussels – 6:40 flight
  • Dubai to Geneva – 6:22 flight
  • Dubai to London – 6:42 flight

There are a few interesting routes on this list. the DXB to JFK route is the first time Emirates’ has flown its new 777-ERs to JFK. This is also a long flight, which clocks in at over 13 hours…lots of time to experience Emirates’ new suites. Emirates will switch to an older 777-300ER at the end of July on this route.

The DXB to SIN route is another great flight for the new 777. DXB to LHR and DUB routes give Emirates a strong presence in Europe with its new 777 suites. The Dublin route appears to have been added recently, and it’s unclear how long this route will operate.