Fly roundtrip first class in Etihad’s Apartment to JFK for $4,108, must originate in Jakarta with free stopover available in Abu Dhabi

Etihad’s Apartment is one of the top two A380 first class suites in the world. It ranks just below Singapore Airlines’ new A380 first class suites in my book, and both products are simply spectacular.

First class tickets on Etihad’s longest A380 route between Abu Dhabi (AUH) and New York (JFK) cost over $10,000. But here’s a way to experience Etihad’s Apartment for less than half that price.

Roundtrip flights between Jakarta, Indonesia (CGK) and New York (JFK), connecting through AUH on Etihad are just $4,108. The CGK to AUH leg is in Etihad’s 787 business class, but the AUH to JFK leg is on Etihad’s Apartment. Tickets are available from January 2021, when Etihad’s A380s take back to the skies.

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You can also add a free stopover in AUH (technically this will add about $28 to your itinerary). This will add a couple stopovers to your route; you’ll fly from CGK to SIN on Garuda business, then SIN to AUH. The benefit of this routing is the SIN to AUH leg is on Etihad’s 777-300ER first class. On the return flight you’ll have the option to fly direct between AUH and CGK in business, or AUH to SIN in first class, and SIN to CGK in business.

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These itineraries aren’t for everyone. Relocating to Jakarta isn’t easy, but for this trouble, you’ll save $6k on Etihad’s normal AUH to JFK fare. You’ll also get to spend some time in Abu Dhabi if you like, and there are no maximum stopovers so you can potentially turn this into two trips over the course of a year.